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Our Mission is Anchored in Dignity

~ by Liz Militello

Human beings may be born with different physical and mental abilities, geopolitical boundaries, or family structures, but there is one birthright with which we are all equally endowed: DIGNITY.

The concept is closely tied to respect but holds a nuanced distinction—dignity is given, and respect is earned. Dignity denotes that all humans hold intrinsic value simply by being born. It is inherent worth that remains intact regardless of background or circumstance.

There are countless ways to honor another’s dignity. Recognize uniqueness. Actively listen. Instill hope. Suspend judgment. Lend help. Provide psychological safety. Be accepting. Express gratitude. Follow the ‘Golden Rule’. Take Action. Seek to understand. Have humility. Embrace differences. LOVE DARINGLY!

A person never loses dignity because it is inextricably tied to one’s essential humanity, but unfortunately it is often violated. The U.S. Government’s Library of Medicine defines threats to dignity as “dehumanization, humiliation, inattentiveness, control, demonization, and manipulation”.(1) Sadly, and somewhat ironically, human liberties may be deprived solely based on lines that separate geographic boundaries, or by the entities meant to maintain them.

Voices from the Border witnesses injustices committed by both oppressive governments and ordinary citizens on a daily basis. We fight for our sisters and brothers who are devalued according to characteristics unrelated to fundamental human value. Our mission is anchored in dignity, and we are relentlessly committed to restoring it, one person at a time.

(1) Peičius E, Urbonas G, Harrison WD, Urbonienė A, Kuznecovienė J, Butkevičienė R, Astromskė K, Kalėdienė R. Dignity Violations and Barriers to Dignity Assurance for Terminally Ill Patients at the End of Life: A Cross-Sectional Analysis. Medicina (Kaunas). 2022 Feb 15;58(2):294. doi: 10.3390/medicina58020294. PMID: 35208617; PMCID: PMC8875998. Retrieved from,forms%20of%20dignity%2Dviolating%20behavior.

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