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Women traveling solo ending up in Detention

This summer we have been housing several single Venezuelan women, ranging in age from 20 to 58. One of them, Veronica, became our ‘dorm mom’ during her stay in our block of apartments.

She had been trying for three months to get an appointment using the CBP One app without any success. A couple of weeks ago, she decided to also try her luck with the metering system at the Port of Entry. Her number came up before she could get an appointment on the app.

We were last with her to keep her company on the night of AUG 22nd and, at that point, she was third in line. What should have been an uneventful "processing" into the US asylum system in the early morning hours on the 23rd, took a very unfortunate turn. Instead of being released to Casa Alitas, the welcome center in Tucson, she was sent to detention in Eloy, AZ.

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