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Recent Medical Rounds

Many asylum-seekers and migrants we service live with Type I and Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and other life-altering health conditions. When we ask when the last time they were able to check their blood glucose levels, it’s not unusual to hear that it has been months-- well before they began their journey.

In addition to monitoring their blood sugar levels, Nurse Pancho takes time to educate his patients on the importance of and how to maintain healthy glucose levels on a regular basis.

Migrant blood sugar check

The recent sweltering heat wreaks havoc on glucose monitoring devices. Pancho keeps three devices on hand to serve as backups when one overheats amid these record-high temperatures. He checks residents’ blood sugar, blood pressure, triages other health issues, and enlists volunteers for transportation to nearby medical facilities for advanced care when needed.

Voices covers all expenses.

Migrant blood pressure check

In one recent Monday morning rounds there were half a dozen diabetics, an equal number with high blood pressure, a child with a severe ear infection, and a woman with a badly infected insect bite.

We wish we had a magic wand to heal and resolve all their challenges. What we can do is help to ameliorate them with medical aid and medications. It is through your support that we have this capacity!

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